Ollin motors in the wet?

I’ve just bought a pair of 5065 Ollin motors, I haven’t had a chance to test them out yet but I’m wondering if anyone else who’s using @chaka’s motors might be able to chime in on how they handle splashes/riding on wet road, particularly because they have sensors.


Outrunners should be fine when wet.

Even with the sensors?

My concern is never the motor or sensors. Just bearings


Well, they are sealed bearings, and the motors aren’t called outrunners just because, they are designed to withstand some elements. Sensors will need to be waterproofed tough.

I noticed on one of Metroboards video’s they seem to put a layer of rubber cement or something similar on the bearing cover to protect them.

Or maybe that is some sort of cap?

Anybody try this? any pointers?

I try to avoid wet and wince about the wheels getting a splash.

I would spend more for ceramic etc if I could keep them dry and clean

This is actually the first time i have heard of this… Ill have to look into it

That’s why god created ceramic bearings :slight_smile:

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Just spray on some conformal coating, or if it’s a concern, just turn off the sensor mode.

lol the health warnings on conformal coating have kept me away :grimacing:

just don’t snort it