Ollin VESC 4.12 BOM upgrades


I have seen someone on the forum (maybe @chaka himself) post a list of the parts that have been upgraded in the ollin VESC. Now I dont really mean the direct fet versions etc. I mean like capacitors and other parts that can be upgraded on any 4.xx VESC. I have some VESc destroying projects planned so I wanted to upgrade my homebuilt VESCs 4.12 for some more reliability.

If anyone knows about these updates or has the BOM used to make ollin VESCs and is willing to share this information post it down below! :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance, Martin.


That should be pretty much it

@Martinsp if any of the components are out of stock everywhere, let me know, I’ve got a ton


Thanks a ton @scepterr!! I will have a closer look at that once I get home today.

Are this the ones

Is it possible or worth getting a standard vesc and swapping out stuff at the start?

Id say that for personal use (small quantity) it may be worth it as long as you have the time and tools.

I have no tools or ability. How much would it be in parts n labor to upgrade from original

Well if you are looking to buy, I have one 4.12 with upgraded components that I could sell for 85€

I have not done the research so I unfortunately dont know how much it would cost. :confused: sorry. But my guess would be around 10€-15€ in parts alone


Could maybe a regular Joe with a solder iron get into the VESC with his meathooks and have higher chance of not carbonizing the thing?

It sounds like a steal for me: buy up cheap Maytech vescs and upgrade them to FOCBOX-y enough for 4wds n’ stuff

Well as long as you dont burn the DRV you can do anything with just soldering iron, lots of patience and some low melt solder (it is special solder with low melting point). You can look it up on youtube, EEVblog has done some videos about low melt solder.

The DRV is a bit harder without hot air station, it has the pad underneath