hello, I am attending Bay Area MakerFaire and doing a presentation on my board and In typical electronic fashion, one of my VESCs has failed. The fair is next week and my enclosure is designed to only fit the new Ollin VESCs is anyone interested in selling?


a normal 4.12 will fit.

although you should ask @chaka @OllinBoardCompany

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I’m in the bay area and might have an extra for you, I’ll check when I get home.

I have, he’s out of stock and they’re in production until next week

Must be more suppliers of the 4.12 hw then ollin…

I wish that’d work but all my equipment to replace it is staying here in Vancouver when I go, you could ship it and I’ll pay for 2 day? not sure if that’d work or not though

Let me see if I have one first and i’ll let you know later

@linsus my design uses the heatsink on the ollin in it’s design so they wouldn’t fit

You can transplant the heatsink to another 4.12 vesc

what he said.

ok ill see if I can do that as a backup

wait, what fried? Mouser has like 2 days delivery time, just order a DRV and an MCU, reflash it. done

I’m not sure I’ve never looked into the board and I’ve never smd soldered before


Go into vesctool and type faults in the terminal. It will tell you whats wrong. If you can start it i’d prob replace both just to be safe. Dont you know anyone that knows how to use a hotair station? Its literally 10 mins of work if your’re used to it.

Guessing u might not be familiar with bootloader and how to flash? That could be abit of a learning curve as well.

ok I’ll See if that works when I get home and I know someone with a hotair station but last time i had them repair something they floated all the components and everything was out of place

You do not need to reflash a new drv chip. It is a mosfet driver not a processor.

@xatonic welcome to the forum! Wish we had some fresh units for you but we are all out till next week at the earliest.

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Dude. I wrote MCU and DRV…

The proccessors rarely fail… I have only seen them fail due to shorts circuits from reverse polarization or leaving the canbus plugged and only powering one vesc. I hope I didnt hurt you too much with my words. Was just trying to eliminate unnecessary steps for @xatonic

Sorry, long ass day at work. Bit unhinged. Didnt mean to be rude.

Think Ive had MCU fails on 20-30% of all DRV failures. One of my older vescs had both swapped so many times it wont take another swap without pads getting ruined.

Not knowing what problem he has I simply assumed it’d be safer to order both if hes up for the challange

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What’s what? Sorry I’m a highschooler in the top of my engineering classes (they wanted me to show my custom flex deck battery and the hardware stuff) but I’m not the best with electrical engineering…

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