Ollin Vesc Availability

Does anyone know when the Ollin VESCs will be back in stock? I burnt my cheap Flipsky 4.12 and I want something that will last, and I heard that this is one of, if not the best single motor VESC out there.

Probably easiest to ask @chaka. :wink:


FWIW my Ollin vesc broke and gave me a concussion after a couple months. My Focboxes, however, have been going strong for over a year and a half.

From my knowledge, Focboxes don’t come in single motor variants though…or am I wrong?

Focbox is single motor, Focbox Unity is dual. But you’re kind of right in the sense that the focbox single is no longer being made. You might be able to find it on the user market though.

FWIW you gave yourself a concussion.


No I didn’t. The VESC failed on me, was not user error.

To be clear, the VESC didn’t give you a concussion…the fall gave you a concussion. You can fall on any VESC.


I don’t think anyone reading it would think that the vesc fell on my head and gave me a concussion :joy: but perhaps I’m giving people more credit that I should. The vesc failure was a direct contributor to my fall and resulting concussion though.


I’m not sure how much I trust the user market, as I’ve never used it before and I don’t want to risk losing that much money. Any advice for that?

There’s always a risk, but to sell you have to be a “Regular” member on here for whatever that’s worth to you. Most people will ask to send via paypal “friends & family” which is always risky unless you know the person.

This is why I wish I could draw :slight_smile:

Im just saying that any ESC can fail, any of them. Ollin fail less than most. By saying that the VESC caused your concussion you make a purposly inflammatory statement that doesn’t tell the complete truth.


I never said Ollin vescs are bad, that’s why i prepended my statement with “FWIW” “For what it’s worth”. It’s defines my statement as anecdotal.

The statement came across as you dismissing Ollin ESC as unreliable in favor of a discontinued ESC with no better track record, based on your own single experience. And then without any evidence you blamed a device failure for a crash.


Um you’re just making assumptions now. There is evidence, when I first posted about it over a year ago. Again my experience is anecdotal and in no way applicable to everyone’s experiences. Yes I am blaming a device failure for my crash, because that is what happened.

If you’re an irregular, you can sell drugs. Whats ya poison?

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Doesn’t hurt to try the FSESC mini 4.20. @b264 verified that new stock got the fix. Should run no problem.

I haven’t actually tried them on a board yet, but yes the ones shipping right now have the fix.

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Vesc Six plus, the rock solid original hardware, designed by Benjamin Vedder and always in stock.


only $799.97 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: