Ollin vesc? New or used

Is anyone selling an ollin vesc?

Hey Pablo,

I checked and I have your order shipping out later this week. The current batch we have in the oven will complete your order. :wink:

Don’t let me interrupt any free enterprise. One can never have too many VESC’s!

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You have good taste, Pablo. Word on the street is that Ollinboardco is “THE” place for high quality VESC. :wink: It might be tough finding someone that will part with one! It’s one of those, “You can have it when you pry it from my cold dead hands” type situations. :smiling_imp:

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Thank you @chaka i didnt want to bother you again with the same stupid question you probably get 500 times a day “do you know when my vesc is shipping”? For some reason you are bombered with vesc orders even tho yours are more expensive, thats gotta mean something and from what ive seen on this forum customer service is second to none unlike some other places, and they stand behind their products too


No doubt @chaka vesc’s are the word on the street. I actually am receiving mine soon, I’m stoked! But for spares for testing I was looking at Alibaba because they sell super cheap, ones you could play and test with, that’s all I recommend with those though tbh

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I would have ordered one for sure but after the $60 USD shipping and conversion to to AUD, it was crazy expensive. You need a Australian office @chaka.

what’s up chaka, do you know when mine is going to ship? ordered on July 1st :slight_smile:

I ordered mine June 23rd and it should be coming this week for me. So for you it should be next week?

Awesome! Thank you :slight_smile: