Ollin Vesc Questions

I am very new to the esk8 build community, and i am in the process of building one. i have read a lot on the forums and videos about setting up your VESC with bldc tool and i am a little confused on what i need to download. especially after reading this!

WARNING: Loading the incorrect firmware can permanently damage the VESC. If you have doubts about how to upgrade firmware do not proceed. Hardware failures due to bad firmware installation may not be covered under manufacturer’s warranty.

I bought this VESC i think two years ago, i can’t remember it has been awhile. I bought for 185.00 shipped with added heat sink. Can anyone give me more information on this VESC, and guide me in the right direction? thanks

Ollin VESC

This might help you.

I don’t think you need to upload a bootloader, you may just skip to the process of updating your VESC’s firmware.

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thanks i didn’t see that post when i was searching that summed up a lot of my questions.

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I’m running 4 vescs just like the one you have. I’m using firmware 2.18 and bldc tool. This combo has been working fine for over a year now. There are newer firmwares and tools but I’m a little old fashion.