OllinBoardCo OM5065-200kv Sensored Motor

After months of testing motors from various manufactures we have finally found one that can endure the punishment of asphalt a debris. The 50mm diameter also provides much more ground clearance than most motors currently available. These motors feature sensors but work excellent in unsensored BLDC mode.

These motors are currently in production and will be ready to ship in about 2 weeks. They have a surprising amount of power, easily powering a 200lb rider on a single drive. We are offering these at 10% off the regular listed till the end of the month while we take orders on our first production batch.

Use this code for 15% off: OM5065


OM5065 200kv Power - 2200 Watts Suggested Voltage - 36V Dimensions - 50mm x 70mm 8mm shaft - with keyway Rotor fastened with 4 grub screws Weight - 492 grams 120 degree hall sensors

OM5965 170kv also available for 12s users: http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/product/om5065-170kv

Recommended drive ratios - 14/36 tooth drive on 80-83mm wheels and 14/44 tooth drive on 90+mm wheels.


Wow this is an excellent value ! Thanks for bringing this to market !!!

will two of these work well for a 230 pound rider??? and can they handle 10s??

You would only be able to fit 2 of these in a Dual Diagonal configuration with standard trucks, and it can handle 10s according to @chaka’s specs.

Yes, but you will need wide trucks to fit them on a dual rear. Dual diagonal would be fine on regular/narrow trucks. We have tested them at 10s and 12s but more testing needs to be done before we can advise using 12s.

Depending on your riding style you may get away with using a single if you use a heavily reduced gear ratio.

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You are probably going to see these motors in a lot of places. It is a great design and a sweet spot in power/size.

Great product! This large bearing should make it super-durable! And they look like taken from evolve carbon gt, coincidence? :smiley:

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Just ordered mate … Thank you again

i was planning on using 10s only im trying to stay in a safe range for everything and also was going to go with diagonal drive as well so these are perfect for me

Please keep us in the loop for use in a 12s configuration :facepunch:t2:

Edit: do you have any other specs/information that would highlight some of the aspects of this motor?

Wait I thought that the whole point of moving away from 50 mm was that it was sub-par for esk8t, why are we going back?

just ordered two of these but my card got declined twice and on the third try it went throught please let me know if i got charged 3 times

They also have great heat transfer into the motor mount, would be nice to develop a water-cooled motor mount to utilize this.

@Michaelinvegas Thank you! The factory specs are a bit higher than what I have listed. Me specs are based on actual usage and motor temps on a single drive.

@delta_19 These are great little motors and they work really well so they definitely disprove that 50mm is inadequate. They are actually on the verge of being too powerful for the current drive systems.

@ecuadorche Sorry about that, our credit card proccesor will do that sometimes. You were only charged once :wink: Thank you for your order!

so standard 10" calibers are out for dual rear unless you have extended axels and a couple of spacers, which could limit your choices of mounts. What mounts are you recommending and on what trucks? I like the idea of a wider wheelbase, so i want to try it out.

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Think the list needs to be updated :nerd_face:

also looking at it the mounting holes are really close to the edge, did you manage to get 63mm mounting holes? or is that just a trick of the camera?

This is very similar to Evolve GT motor, very nice!

These look exactly like what is on the new evolve, and that thing is rocketing up grassy hills with pneumatics.

I also like the fact that the can is almost completely sealed from debris.

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What size bullet connectors are on the motor? its not listed on the shop page.

The motors come with 4mm bullet connectors. Thanks for catching that!

@cmatson @laurnts A motor designed to survive the asphalt environment is bound to be popular! :wink:

@delta_19 They are set at 30mm. They fit well on @torqueboards mounts.

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