OllinBoardCo OM5065-200kv Sensored Motor

but they are the same width as calibers???

I think they are. :confused: We need to find a good source of randals for you dual rear riders!

Tracker darts 219mm trucks come with an 8 1/2 inch hanger. http://store.puredist.com/p/tracker-dart-model-truck-219mm-polished-silver

They would need to be machined a little to accept @psychotiller and @torqueboards paris mount.

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@Chaka can you provide a bit of guidance regarding the sensor connectors for your motor. It appears the VESC has a six pin female configuration and the motor has a five pin male. Do I need to switch the connector or is one of the pins irrelevant on female side?

@kandmelinda @bender Your FOC is probably not working because your battery min/max settings are not set for a 3S battery. I’d change those and it should work after that. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJFHsRtLtnI. You can also see my setup for FOC.

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For anyone wanting to hook up the sensors. You’ll need a different header to use as an adapter since the one that comes with the motors don’t fit or align up to the VESC.

I ordered these http://www.ebay.com/itm/131589536983?_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649&ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT, but you may want to get a 6-pin one so you don’t have to do what I did and remove one of the wires to fit directly into the 5v lead. However, I know that these fit well with the VESCs.

If you get the above you should remove the red and black leads and place the black one where the red one was. The red lead will go straight onto the VESC as shown. Once you place the JST header into the VESC, the flange on the header should secure the red lead as well. From there just solder the header on the other side (make sure it lines up with the motor’s JST).

One thing to note is that the motor’s JST header fits on sort of backwards of how you would expect, but is otherwise snug and secure. The missing pin between 5v and hall1 is the temp data which isn’t present on the OM5065.


Thanks @torqueboards I actually had already seen your video and my voltage was correct for my battery. It’s very strange because its intermittent. It works fine sometimes and I get an error sometimes. I might try a differnt USB cable.

Much appreciated

What are you guys doing for the keyway? The motors didn’t come with any keys. You can get key stock and cut one, but I’m curious about what everyone else is doing. Is there a supply company that sells these precut?

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Home Depot may have them

They do. They sell them in 12" sections. :grinning:

Lucky :frowning: ALL the Home Depots and Lowes around me don’t have squat. I bought some rounded keyways from Dexter and they were 20mm (OM5065 has a 15mm keyway) so I cut and re-rounded them and they fit perfectly!

Word of warning for anyone buying keystock. 3/32" is NOT the same as 3mm as some sites may suggest.

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The keys will be included with our drivetrain system and motor pulley’s. They will be available soon, just waiting on some last minute milling services.

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@Michaelinvegas @jinra Shoot! Home depot doesn’t have any Metric sized stock! :frowning2:

@chaka This is great news. Can’t wait to see what you are cooking up, bro! :thumbsup:

I can tell you that 3/32" will technically work. Just wiggles a bit more than actual 3mm square stock.

3mm= .12" so 1/[email protected]" should work too with a little bit of sanding.

yep! Hard to sand such tiny things though :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks @torqueboards and @bender for your responses. I figured that might’ve been the issue and rolled the dice on that after i posted. I should’ve posted a follow up with my solution. For the record, if anyone is having the issue i was having, changing the battery values to match the battery you’re using during programming resolves the issue. Also, checkout @torqueboards video as it is the most complete setup video there is on how to setup your vesc. Thanks again.

Couldn’t you just hammer some of the 3/32" stuff a little bit so it so it spreads out slightly and fits tighter? I did that with some speed rings to get my spacing/alignment correct when screwing Hummie’s motors on to my truck.

well you can increase length or width like that, but then you’ll make it skinnier the opposite dimension, which will result in more jiggling or the stock not making contact with the pulley.