OllinBoardCo VESC - 2 Year Warranty

The most reliable VESC available with full 1 year factory warranty and lifetime service repair! http://www.ollinboardcompany.com/product/vedder-s-speed-controller

We manufacture the VESC in house using the finest components available with extensive quality control and testing. OllinBoardCo is the only vendor of the VESC that offers in house warranty repairs and we will continue to offer repair service for the lifetime of your VESC, first year free of charge, cost of materials and shipping thereafter.


Dang, should’ve bought from you in the end.

Maybe next time.

Any update on when v6 is likely to start becoming available? Pretty keen on upgrading to a dual motor system but I miss FOC mode so I’m tempted to wait :stuck_out_tongue:

Totally gunna buy my v6 vesc from u whenever it comes out!

I just received my Ollin VESC (with all the delicious heat sinky goodness) and I will vouch for @chaka statement 100%. Build quality is top notch! Pro job indeed! I’m more than satisfied.

Unfortunately, I can’t speak to the function yet as I’m still waiting for a Space Cell Pro 3… but that is another sad, sad, frustrating story.

Keep it up OBC! Fantastic product and customer service! I’m looking forward to V6 as well.

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Placed my order for one last week. Pretty stoked and can’t wait for it to show up!

Youll love it

In the same state @Goombaacez84 but it’s been 3 weeks for me but I can’t wait, I’ve heard great reviews about Ollin products so I’d say it’s worth the wait. Would be nice if all my battery supplies decided to arrive soon too though.

where did u get those batteries from?

Got my VESC 2 days ago. Well worth the wait since I had no issues with it so far! As of now, I rode my board for about 3 miles which was all testing.


@paul775 When did you place your order? I placed mine on 7/11, still waiting.

@Chris1 You should receive a tracking update this evening. :wink: Packing another large batch today bringing us back to roughly two weeks out.

That’s a killer warranty, and it sounds a lot like mine. At the moment i’m doing 90 days no questions asked and i cover parts labor and shipping, then after the 90 days (or if they get in there and monky with it) i cover shipping and labor but not parts.

Everyone should strive to provide this level of service in my opinion. Good on you for setting the bar so high for the rest of us. This is the way it should be.


Here’s an example of a repair he did for me! I should mention that I received these pics and explanations THE SAME DAY my package arrived at their PO box. California/Santa Monica meet up:

@chaka How about my order placed on 7/9 Order #QUMJ-423865

You are one order ahead of Chris so you can expect an update this evening.

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@chaka Any update on mine? I’m ordered a week and a bit after Namasaki so i figure still a few weeks out. Order #NYMK-692840

Your order falls into the next batch which should be finished Thursday.

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Thanks :thumbsup:

@chaka Awesome :sunglasses: