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OllinBoardCo's Compact Dual VESC

These will be available in about a week. We are waiting on the vertical usb connectors. In the photo you can see the right hand VESC’s usb port creates a space conflict. Luckily we found a compatible vertical usb port so no gerber file changes are necessary to make this happen. The best part about this design option is none of the VESC features are lost and it remains completely modular.

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can’t you just turn one vesc upside down? then that USB port will be facing the otherway?

You could but the jst ports would then be on opposite sides and awkward to use while also increasing the overall thickness of the package.

Can’t you just install the JST on the opposite side you normally would?

No, there are spacing conflicts on the bottom side that will not allow it.

makes the upright USB a good solution then

This is pretty close to what i was planning to do with mine once i got them. I wasn’t thinking about the USB ports though. i suppose i’ll have to spread mine out a little more to accommodate, or program them prior to bolting them down.

So what are you going to charge for these?

@chaka have you shipped my vesc’s yet? If not, I’m thinking I’d like to wait for the dual with heat sink.

It is an extra $10 for a dual VESC with the aluminum base. If you want heat sinks mounted to the fets it is an additional $10, this charge is mainly for the time evolved in mounting them.

:slight_smile: It is a good thing I checked this forum before printing shipping labels this morning! You sure you want to wait? That build you have going is looking pretty sweet!

Oh alright…go ahead and ship then. Haha

So total package the dual version with heatsinks is what, ~$240 ?

When I have all the gear to make this happen you can send the vesc modules back to be retrofitted with a vertical usb ports and heatsinks.

I will be selling a DIY kit to mount an un-modified pair VESC’s to a base plate too. The result is only 20mm wider than the modified version.

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I like how it remains a modular package so if you blow a VESC you only need to replace half.



This is great I will like to reserve 2 sets with the heat sink.

How we go about this ?

Hmm how are you planning to mount that? The holes in the vesc are being used to hold it to the aluminum plate so will there be holes in the aluminum plate to mount to the board? I like this idea a lot. Especially since you are planning to sell a kit for this.

There exists a tool called a drill for that.

Sorry, was feeling cheeky today :wink:

You could use clips or adhesive pads to mount this version. I can also add mounting tabs or extend the edges of the base by request.

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@chaka Do you still sell dual VESC’s? i didnt see it on your site.

@barajabali If you leave me a note during checkout stating you would like the dual VESC heatsink package I will send you an invoice for the added charge of $30.

Please be aware we are about 3-4 weeks out right now on VESC orders.

okay. So on your site ill pay $220 for the two VESC’s and youll bill me thru paypal the difference?