OllinBoardCo's Quad VESC Module

This is now available by special request. Featuring vertical usb ports for an ultra compact design. Measuring 80mm by 130mm without mounting tabs. The perfect solution for the power hungry rider!


@torqueboards your quad hub motor build :wink:

This was a custom build for a community member, I wish I had the time to build one for myself. It ended up being very compact. Almost fits in the palm of your hand.


Very Cool… this eboard is going to be a monster.

DAYUM! looks sexy… I want me one of those LOL! The vertical connectors are a nice touch too. Can drill holes on the aluminum plate to bolt onto the deck too.

Can try putting a heatshrink over the entire thing except for the heatsinks and keep it exposed to the outside without a cover but probably wouldn’t want to use it in the water.

We have been swamped with questions since we unveiled this quad package so I will try and answer a few of them here.

  • Yes, this comes in a dual configuration with the standard capacitor board layout instead of the stacked caps. In fact it is the most compact Dual VESC available due to the vertical usb ports, only 80mm wide.

  • We can build custom layouts to fit your project.

  • Integrating the ant-spark switch into a custom module is possible.

  • The vertical usb ports are available for any VESC purchased.

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I really like the idea of vertical USB ports, much more user friendly :+1:

chaka . whats your website ?

also , those pics are SICK :astonished:

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2 questions…

How much for the quad vesc? And why are your prices so high for the vesc?

the vesc isnt perfect yet but if it breaks down he has probably the best warranty available.

This thread didnt get the amount of fame that it deserved.


Agreed. This is awesome.

@barajabali ha I was just rereading that tonight. Agreed this is custom electronics at its best.