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How are you going to attach the fuses to the cells themselves?

Can you tell me where i can get fuse wire?

This is pretty interesting video about cell level fusing with a lot of explanation.

and another



Alright, nickel plated copper wires that has to be adjusted to your batteries and setup so that the fuses blow when it draws too many amps but not when on normal load. Did I get this right? Seems straight forward but those 18650 spacers were really nice, are there space between the cells, couldn’t tell in the pictures. If not I would suggest getting a little bit of room between them to help cooling. Awesome as always @chaka, keep it up :slight_smile:

So i have to try myself and find the right wire… ?

Nice vid @CSN

I want to try and include fuses on my 8s3p pack I’m working on but would the fuses create a lot of heat if you pull like 20 amps going up a hill? I dont know a lot about fuses but I would assume the heat would decrease the life of the cells. Is that right or just total crazy talk? I also wouldnt have much to lose cause my pack is made of only 24 cells but the extra protect wouldnt hurt.

I get mine from http://www.remingtonindustries.com/


I wouldn’t use this method On an 8s3p unless you also add a 60 amp fuse to your main terminals. Still 8s3p is a little too small for comfort.

@Chaka - seriously impressive. Hats off to you Sir!

Does this also simplify your soldering - so you don’t need a spot welder to make your pack? I’ve been contemplating building a 18650 pack and the cost of a decent spot welder has been prohibitive.

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I spot weld tabs and solder to the tabs but you could solder directly to the cell if you have a big soldering iron, 80+ watts.


Thanks man - great of you to share your process and even materials.

Do you have any pics of how you solder and spot weld these to the 18650 cell? I’m not visualizing this well - not much surprise as my 18650 pack experience is nil.

Check out the video @csn linked to above, it gives you a pretty good idea how it’s attached.

I’m uploading the cell holder .stl file on thingiverse, it will be 24 hours before I can publish. Send me a pm if you can’t wait and need it now!


So Tesla’s batteries are also designed like this?

Pretty much


Just using a normal wire won’t be very efficient, I am guessing. Ideally it shouldn’t produce any heat when operating below the max current, but above that current it should produce a lot of heat and melt off. @chaka are you using some specific fuse material or just wire that you found appropriate for the current?

Very clean … Nice design

Found some more images online for the tesla battery pack


That last pack is pretty interesting. Surprised they solder rather than spot weld.