(ON HOLD) - Carvon V4 SpeedDrive R

10 mins after posting edit:

holding for @Blacksheep, sale on hold for now

direct drive life is just not for me.

looking to get rid of my carvon v4 SDr.

product page:


$600 shipped US, $630 the world.

paypal to [email protected] friends+fam, or price + 4% goods+svcs.

it’s been hooked up, calibrated, and tested. in short, it’s used but barely. it’s been run about 10 times up and down the corridor inside my building and run once on the street for about half a mile or one km.

phase wires have been shortened and bullets replaced to 4mm.

i like the ride but not all that impressed with startup torque. top speed is no concern to me so just going to stick with satellite setups.

be aware of the issues before going into it:






pinging wtb posts:

@harrypzee @freddyalcazar


Pm sent hehe

Interested too if @Blacksheep won’t push through!

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@thisguyhere jesus that was quick, hopefully when I list mine up with a surfrodz front truck it’ll move


you gonna let some Carvons go? lol

yup still trying to figure out the logistics of my next up coming build before I post them but keep an eye out :slight_smile:

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Awesome! Line me up! I’m eager to get the drives crossed out of my build! which ones are you planning to sell?

dont want to hijack @thisguyhere post but I’ll be sellig the SpeedDrive R with some updates the 4’s don’t have which are the “thicker motor steel cans and flux ring is alot better” according to @Moros from @Exiledd_Top

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Awesome. Mind if I PM you as I don’t want to populate @thisguyhere’s post lol. sorry about that!

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