On off switch and battery monitor


I’m in need of a replacement battery monitor and also on off switch.

Looking at the below if anyone can recommend either for the on off switch? Also if I want to extend the cable to it, which grade of cable do I need?



Also any recommendations for battery monitor boxes?


If your battery’s BMS has an e-switch built in, you can use those switches, but otherwise you’ll need to buy what’s called an anti-spark switch (easy to find with a forum search).

These battery indicators are pretty common… I like them: https://www.amazon.com/utipower-Multifunctional-Capacity-Lead-Acid-Motorcycle/dp/B072LCD7TD/r

Yea mines got one built in, just need to replace it. What cable would I need in order to extend it?

Ah cool I’ll order one, cheers

The e-switch won’t need much… they’re usually somewhere around 22 gauge or so, if I were to guess.

What style of switch you prefer is up to you :wink:

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