Once ridden 97X52mm longboard wheels!

The wheels have been ridden once, not more than 5 kms. They are in perfect condition.

Only flaw being that they have some tiny air bubbles on one side. They are truly tiny, and there is only 3-4/wheel, and only on ONE SIDE, so if they are facing the trucks, you will never see them.

This is what I am talking about:

So I am thinking of 30€ for the set (of 4) WITHOUT, and 35€ WITH ABEC 7 bearings.

The reason I am selling them, is because I live near terrible, and I mean TERRIBLE roads.

I thought having big wheels will be enough, but without suspension, AND textured wheels (like MBS 100mm) I have no chance (even with them I’m not sure. I may even need pneumatic wheels).

I live in Europe, but if you pay for shipping I can ship internationally.

What durometer are they? Also, is this 35€ shipped within Europe?

I don’t think I have good news for you…

I don’t know the exact durometer, but they are probably on the hardish side.

Also, shipping is not included.

Having said that, I am open to any realistic price suggestions.

I would take them without bearings but it depends on the shipping costs, i live in germany.

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