| Onda Core | 10s4p | Faraday Motion 6364 190kv | Vesc | 200mm pneumatic wheels |

My after work project

Background: Bought a Faraday Motion Spine kit last year. Had never tried skateboarding or longboarding before so it was all new for me. However. LOVED it!

Now it´s time to modify it and put a bigger battery pack under the deck instead of the 6s that came with it. Removed a lot of support material under the deck so it would fit a 10s4p + bms.

Added aluminium strips on the outside of the board for strengthening it.

It was not really enough, so I had to add an 3 mm alu plate on the bottom as well. Going to wrap it in with heat shrink wrap so I don´t shorten anything, and put some soft material where the battery is placed for minimizing the vibrations… Will fixate the plate to the board with epoxy and popnits.

If you have seen the Faraday Motion Spine it has a 3d printed box where the electronics and motor is mounted. I modified their model to fit my benefits. It´s a work in progress.

Printing an enclosure atm. Will update how that turns out.




Nice build so far!!!

Thank you :slight_smile: