One motor dual drive build

So for the past couple of months now I have been doing my research trying to figure out the best setup for me. I live in the on a campus with a lot of hills so right off the back wanted to go with a pully system rather than hub motors because of the more tork, however, I still wanted to have both of my back wheels powered. So instead of two vesc, motors, and everything else. I would just have a one vesc, one motor but two pulleys and gear sets on each of the back wheels the motor I was thinking of using is the alien power C8085 sensored Outrunner brushless motor 250KV 6000W ( Here is the link as well as for the rest of the build I am going to use a Vesc and a 10s2p li-ion battery that I will be making myself to keep the price down.

As for my board setup, I am running a 36in bamboo deck with caliber2 44 degree trucks and 80mm orangutang wheels with risers.

Anyway I think my main question is do u guys think this setup will work and if so where do you think I could find two 80mm motor mounts?

thanks for the help in advance.

How are you gonna bake? A 10s2p will not give very many amps, therefore sag will be a big deal.

So you will drive both wheels with 1 motor? edit: Oh I had not seen that motor before, stupid question btw you know that this is a huge motor? 80mm diameter, think about the ground clearance, I should go for bigger wheels (90mm-…)

Yeah, 10s2p isn’t even half of what that motor wants. You’re gonna end up with the equivalent of a solid rear axle, no diff, so you’re gonna have some weird turning effects. I think you could get away with a 6374 or 6384 and still have more than enough power if you went with a 10s3p or larger.

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if you special ordered it with a super long motor shaft sticking out both ends it might all line up for you i guess?

what about rotational difference when turning?

if i’m not mistaken carvon did something with one motor driving two wheels but there’s slip to account for rotational difference.

at best one of the wheels in your solid axle rear drive will drag, at worst motor shaft will brake.


So u think I should just scrap the idea then or at least try to find a small motor? my main concern is just trying to get up there god awful hills around me with out having the board go to a crawl

You would be better off using a 190kv-200kv 6374 motor with a 10s4p or 5p pack, a 1024p made with Samsung 30Q’s should be more than sufficient to give you decent hill climbing ability.

yea i can climb some big ass hills around here with a mono 6374, just use lower gearing (16/36T) with smaller wheels (83 or 90mm) and you should be fine. back it up with a 10s or 12s, minimum 4p pack. probably wont go full speed up hills but you’ll make it up.

only thing is there are very short, intermittent loss in traction, especially on steeper descent.

what you’re proposing seems overly complicated with many points of failure.

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would Samsung INR18650-25R 18650 2500mAh 3.7v Rechargeable Flat Top Batteries work if I did them in 10s4p for the 6374 motor

of course, those are the cells i used on my first build and were the go-to cells before the 30q came around.

which would u prefer if you were making your first board again?

30q, apparently less sag and more capacity compared to 25r.

Take note that a VESC is only rated for about 60A and a max voltage of 12S. With one vesc you will get 60123,7=2600 watts of continuous power. With a larger motor you might still get more torque but you wont get any more power out of it…

If you were to use the dual drive idea you would probably need a differential of some sort to be able to turn around in less than 5 miles…


Or he could just board slide when he wants to turn😂 You could use some sort of ratcheting system to allow one wheel to turn slower

Yeah, but then he’d only be able to turn left. Maybe that’s what they do with Nascar!

lol we could always make a longboarding NASCAR team and start racing them

could I go above that 2600 watt limit or should i try to stay below it?

Unless you’re accelerating up a steep hill at wide open throttle, you probably won’t be anywhere near that limit for more than a few seconds. I wouldn’t sweat it too much.