One motor slower than the 2nd on my dual motor board

Hey, Im building my first Eboard. i found a cheap broken boosted V1 online and bought it for parts. It was a dual motor but one of the motors spins slower than the other. Its really difficult to open to clean (my guess is the previous owner did not take care of his board). my question is which route should i take?

  1. Just make a single motor board
  2. can i just attach both motors and have the board work how its suppose to be? 3.^ if this will work do i have to program my VESC to go at the same speed as the slowest motor

Any suggestions of things i didnt think of would me much appreciated Thanks in advance!

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can you take avideo of the motor issue?

prolly gonna get a focbox sold to you

I couldn’t figure out how to upload a video to this website. I was thinking of getting a flipsky VESC. would a focbox be a better investment?

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@CHAINMAILLEKID do you know what’s up this his motor?

For VESC there are a ton of options. Focbox is solid budget but I am waiting on my order from August 7th so idk if that is the best choice.

two of these would be really good and you could later make two powerful single drives with boardnamics M1 set and some trucks.