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One motor two belts

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Not good my friend.

I know. One motor 2 wheels drive doesn’t work I just did it for fun because I didn’t know others have already tried it before, that’s why I put 2 belts on one wheel because it looks cool


video of it working? Love to see creativity

Sorry can’t share video, I don’t know why

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oh your account is too new to do that maybe.

Are you trying to post a youtube link? That could work

Only short video I made yesterday

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Yeah I want to see it move ya!

What are those trucks ?!?

The second part of the trucks where wheels are attached and motor mount is DIY. Prety easy to make. Made out of threaded rod, 15mm steel pipe and 2mm sheet metal.

In theory yes but in practice no lmfao. Maybe if you did like a mini version of a car differential (kind of like the bajaboard s2 but with 1 motor for 2 wheels) could probably even use a dual VESC but it would be a 4WD

Third picture where there is 2 wheels drive doesn’t work, it’s just to show how it’s build