One Piece 3D Printed E-Board

Hey all, This was a summer project to create a one piece 3D printed electric long board. I had previously printed long boards, but they were all made in multiple pieces. It is printed out of a material called Ultem 1010 which is an aerospace grade material. It has great properties when it comes to strength and thermal stability. I modeled it to withstand the fatigue of a 280 lb person.

Electronics: 120a Castle Talon ESC 2 x 4s 5000mah 20C Lipos Traxxas Transmitter/Receiver Hacker 12L-16 V2 Brushless Motor

The Lipos are wired in Parallel

The board took 6 days to print on an industrial 3D printer. The drive train was kind of an after thought. Since I couldn’t weld the cast aluminum trucks, I machined some parts to mount a 3D printed mount. The motor mount was printed out of Ultem 1010 as well after the original 3D Printed ABS mounts broke. In addition the wheel pulley is printed.

The electronics cover on the bottom is 1/8" aluminum plate water jet cut. M4 bolts screw into 4 melt in pem nuts in the board.

Let me know if you have any questions!


It took 6 days to print?!? PRetty cool you had access to this thing because that’s got to be the most expensive deck ever :smiley: Nice that you could design it from the ground-up with enclosure, etc and print in one piece.

That’s truly something I’ve never seen before. Well done!

P.S. The truck on the left in your CAD model is backwards… But your actual build is correct

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the trucks in the model were just there for sizing, since i couldnt find models for double king pin trucks.

Amazing project and cool design. $8k for a deck! I dont even like to spend $200 on a deck haha. Hopefully one day this will become affordable. Ultem is really expensive even if its not 3D printed, while nylon is relatively affordable. Do you think the Nylon would have worked with the V2 design?

Maybe, the nylon for sure had more flex. The ultem barely flexes at all under my body weight. I remember being able to flex the nylon board as much as I can my bamboo deck. Nylon is a difficult material to print with though. The temperatures have to be just right otherwise it will warp. Just for the record, I didnt pay for the board, thats just what it would have cost if I would have ordered the board from the company.

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Very cool :sunglasses:

Yes, many props to you!

P.S. How the f*** do you print something that large and prevent it from warping and tearing out the build plate? I would love to see the machine that brought your cad model to life :heart_eyes:


there are some “affordable” printers out there that could be used for longboard printing:

printable size: 538 x 520 x 2320mm --> that is 2m30cm in height

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“Affordable” :smile:

hahahaha my deck was like $30 yall are crazy

The print size is 2ftx3ftx3ft

its still in the thousands. The large industrial 3d printers go by cubic inches instead of by weight like the desktop printers.

Glad to see even the pros have occasional bed adhesion issues :sunglasses:

Fantastic thread, thanks for posting!