One Wheel DIY Build

I planning on building a one wheel (name change to protect the innocent :smiley: ) after watching Louis Rossmann discuss Future Motion failure of right to repair and patent troll. (trotter, float wheel etc)

I living in Vietnam so my only option is DIY purchasing parts from Aliexpress and Shopee and Lazada online retailers.

Below will be purchased from Aliexpress

Hubmotor: phub141 (axle 225mm 14mmx10mm flat) or phub188 (axle 200mm 14x10 threaded flat) not sure which axle mounting option is best. 60V 800W (bigger is better) not sure about this either as most build i see use 48V 800W

$139 + $52 delivery

75100 FOC Single Drive 75V 100A motor controller based on VESC has 2 UARTS, 1 for balance sensor and ADC for foot sensor. 2 for bluetooth Vesc tool App. (dont want to be limited with 60V with Vesc 6 type)


60V 3Ah 16S1P 18650 battery pack HG2 3000mAh for electric scooter or unicycle. these are slim 8x2row with BMS. i plan to use 2 packs and maybe 3 if it fit.I dont have equipment to build my own pack and the price is ok

$73 2x$38

Below purchase from shopee

2040 V-stot Rail 700mmx2 will be similar to Redstar Build Redstar | DIY onewheel - #227 by KevonLaity - DIY Builds - forums


8-85V TO 1-30V Adjustable Output: Default 12V 3A: used to power head and tail lights.


Battery Capacity Monitor Indicator LCD Display with Flashing Alarm 12-84V


Any advice or recommendations would be appreciated, still in the R&D stage. I chosen best parts for the price as i want to keep cost low but still have a decent one wheel

I experienced in electronics and have a 3D printer

My main concern is the choice of motor, will 60V be too fast or less torque?
best way to mount the axle, I plan to use 40mm length of 12x6 aluminum bar with axle cut out inside of 20 40 rail.

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Welcome, @firepower. Interesting build plans you have. Please be careful with 80v as thats enough to deliver an electric shock if mishandled. Are you sure 12s or 50.4v wouldnt be enough?

I’m still fairly new here but I’ve been following Rossman’s youtube channel too. FutureMotion is no doubt scaring off many customers with its practices. Good luck with your build and Happy Easter!

Not for a one wheel I’m guessing. They take 60v of power just to move the motors. But since this is a onewheel build, I’m not 100% on my answer, but one wheels are 58v nominal.

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80V was typo it will be 60V 16S cells. edit OP VESC 6 is limited to max of 60V and is usually used with 12S cells 50.4 and used with 48V hub motors. now they sell 60V hub motor.

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