[ONGOING] LA/OC Group Rides & CicLAvia Events...SD rides too

EDIT: Since CicLAvia has events multiple times a year. I decided to just updated the thread title to the next one.

Upcoming event will be on December 2nd 2018 - If I remember, I’ll post the meet up place that the BoostedLA group decides on.




I actually might be able to make it out to this one!

Anyone planning on joining the boosted riders?

u coming mike?

I’m right there so definitely

what about u guys?

@Titoxd10001 @psychotiller @LEVer @mccloed


Planning to!

@joeadams101 and @LEVer said he would come too. But if the past taught me anything, they will be late to whatever time is set and my board will have issues :joy: Gonna have the InBoard as well just in case that happens again.

Boosted Riders are planning to meet up at 9AM at [Philz Coffee - DTLA] Is that the plan for you as well?

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Looks like this is not happening for me, :cry: Ended up having to work.

Planning to take my family to this one!

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not really, just gonna hit it and see who I run into.

I’ll be there. Don’t think by 9am but 10 or after

This weekend? Im in mike if you are since me and my couple buddies made it down to venice to late for the raptor event two weekends ago. I just hope my extra R2 battery or my new R2 comes before then but it’s not looking good at this point even though they said both would for sure 110% ship this week! I can use a buddies board though worst case.

carpool? Im in anaheim hills where are you? 9 too early agreed. Will have 1 for sure, maybe 2 buddies with that will want to go ride too… lmk.

@psychotiller you wanna get in on this brotha? Your knee feelin good enough to ride yet or no still…?

No go on the carpool. Need to drop the wife and daughter at the parentals in Pasadena.

I just texted Jerry and @joeadams101 to see what time they had planned

If my Lady-Friend doesn’t get called into work (ask @Mikenopolis) I’ll be free to go!

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It will be cool to see some of you there. Planning on joining the boosted group

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fuck i might come… dont have a board so idk

@Mikenopolis is push board fine?

CicLAvia is whatever you want to do within the 8 mile no car route. But if you wanna join a group ride then a bike would make more sense?

You can ride a push board, but prob wont be able to keep up with the Boosted group. And with the boosted group, it isnt just boosted boards, all boards are welcome. It will be cool to see all the custom boards.

That 9am meet up is a killer though. Guess we’ll just bump into each other at some point

I should just speedwalk :slight_smile:

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going from downtown to hollywood will be rough without an esk8, it’s largely uphill at a low grade.

now, returning from hollywood to downtown, that’ll be fun because gravity.

one could, possibly, take the subway from downtown to hollywood then just ride down.

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Hey Joe, Meet at Philz Coffee at 10? 801 S Hope St Unit A Los Angeles, CA 90017 or is there a better spot? need to figure out where to park, any recommendations?