Open a Torqueboards 6355 190kv motor?

So a bunch of the sensor wires on my motor have broken and the heat shrink is all messed up:

Is there any way that I can open the motor to replace these wires? I’ve already tried pulling it apart after removing the cir clips but it still seemed like there was something holding it closed.

You have to take off all of the circlips and the brass rings. After that I grab the 3 phase leads as close to the motor as possible and pull with all of my strength (literally). The magnets inside the motor hold it together. After you have it open I would put more heat shrink on the pauses and solder up the new sensors wires directly to the PCB.

Just be ware, when you but it back together: it snaps in insanely fast, do not put your fingers under the mounting plate or you will severely damage one.


Is there any risk of damaging the phase leads when doing that?

Not really, I don’t think there is any other way to open a motor up (and if there is I’d like to know). I have opened countless motors this way and have never had any trouble.

I only said to shrink wrap the phases leads because the look a little worn away, and shrink wrap would add an extra layer of protection.

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I open mine while it’s still attached to a mount so I don’t pull on the wires so hard


Good idea! I may build a jig to do this specifically.

To avoid pulling the wires i usually attach one screw in the mounting holes and clamp it in a vise

Another good practice is hold the can with a towel so there is no way to cut your fingers if you loose grip

That worked great! I was able to get it open, now I just have to repair the wires.

All fixed and shrink wrapped!


Great! Don’t forget to put the circlip back on


DOes anyone have a video of this or anything they could link for a nOOb? I got a broken magnet or something and IDK how to remove the c-clip or what sorta tools I need to do this. Also I’de like to avoid having the strip my phase wires from the mesh guards and all that to disconnect the motor, can I do this with the motor still connected?

can be done with two needle ended objects bent into hooks and considerable effort. also just buying snap ring pliers. (They are easy to bend too far and ruin them too so watch out)