Open differential Electric Skateboard - Single motor dual rear

Single motor dual rear with open dif


I don’t understand why it hasn’t been done sooner and for sale already!


that motor placement looks rather interesting. quite stealthy while still being a standard outrunner.

This is super nice. Will definitely buy one of the prototype if that is not so expensive.

His website

@Michaelinvegas awesome! It seems like a logical progression for us to use diff. Wow their website is great with lots of information!

These specs O.O

What’s so special? sounds quite realistic

The weight is only 6.8kg with these specs

well it is a carbon fiber deck and aluminum truck with just one motor after all

Yep, really curious about the torque

I see one problem with this, a diff always chooses the path of least resistance, meaning if one wheel loses traction it will send all power to that wheel, whereas a dual drive would still power the wheel with grip. I imagine this may also be bad when braking?

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What is the backlash / efficiency loss with the beveled gears? Otherwise very cool / interesting concept turned to reality!

That’s definitely an problem, same thing happens in cars. It only really becomes an issue on snow/ice and other slippery surfaces. Seeing how that effects braking will be interesting though.

I’m just waiting for someone to do a 4wd with limited slip diffs so I can try to drift it.

finally. but its going to be loud! 90 deg gears are even louder than the planetary that stary uses… and I feel like the cost of making the trucks and gears is going to make it at the same price of a dual motor anyways…but cool

I wonder if that is without lube because it sounded like a garbage disposal.

Looks promising for E boards

Very interesting to see it in real life. Have played with the idea quite a while, but couldn’t solve the size problem of the differential. Compare the truck to a regular one and check the axle to bushing distance. It’s huge! It makes the board high and gives a long lever for the pivot point of the bushing. I never realized it because I expected it to be unstable at higher speeds. The the other problem is that it isn’t an anti slip diff. At low speeds and/or slippery surfaces it’ll behave like a single drive. Awesome concept but it will come with a huge price tag concerning all custom parts!

Awesome! Is this your work @Michaelinvegas?

Lol @jmasta I can just abt figure out how to put bearings in to the wheels … lol.

Someone I found …I did invite them to this conversation

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shameless plug…