Open-Remote collaboration request

I’m seeking helpers for my project to build an open-source universal remote controller.

I’ve done the electronics hardware, which consists of an MCU (esp32), sunlight-readable colour screen, BLE+LoRa+NFC+Wifi transceivers, taptic and flash LEDs, GPS, battery, charger, datalogging and SD card.

LoRa maps your buddies on screen (handy if you’re lost in the bush)

NFC is really a magnetic-inductive transceiver, giving this a range of about 3 meters under water (including sea) - handy if you’re building an eFoil or dive thrusters

BLE hooks to your phone and/or board

Wifi happens to already be on the MCU - not sure what to do with that for now, but possibly auto-logging your rides to the web could be one feature

It’s designed to receive board data, as well as control throttle and optionally other tings (lights, drive modes). Data includes battery levels and temperatures, motor temps and RPM and current etc.

The help I need is with the mechanical parts - this needs one or more suitable cases, and assorted throttle arrangements (trigger, thumbwheel, etc - I’m doing magnetic right now, but potentiometer is possible if anyone insists). Someone needs to measure up the part dimensions (screen, MCU, GPS, etc) and create one or more Fusion360 components that can be 3D printed to accomodate all this electronic goodness…

These controls will be used for skateboards, eFoils, underwater thrusters, and electric paramotors at least.

Everything is open - source and master 3D files, on github.