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Open Source CNC - hollow core deck

I posted this up on endless-sphere awhile ago. We are dangerously close to completion on our CNC router so I thought it would be a good idea to share this here too.

I am known for providing custom shapes on my boards but doing this by hand is extremely labor intensive.

Up until now this has not been a problem but even with a new employee/apprentice we are starting to fall behind our projected build times by offering this service. Now with our new addition to the shop we will be able to go from concept to finished deck in 48 to 72 hours!

Definitely popping a bottle of champaign after the first core comes off this machine!


Just to be clear we’re talking about a largeer work area CNC that cuts your decks out from the laminated blanks you press?

I’d love to have one of these. I’m spending about 2 hours on each of my decks cutting and sanding, and getting things like rounded edges consitant is a huge pain, so my designs all have hard angles. A CNC would eliminate a lot of that issue.

Yes it has a fairly large work area. We will be able to mill two decks at a time.

If you are having trouble with compound curves try using a lofting batten to make your templates.

i had to do some googling to see what you were talking about, but that’s a clever trick. Using the natural flex curves of thin strips of wood to create gentle, organic curves is a great idea.

At the moment my templates are hand drawn on poster board and cut by hand with a razor. It works really well for now, but i’m definitely going to need to make my templates out of some type of plastic at some point because eventually the pencil is just going to eat up the edges of my template, not to mention the punch holes for the truck bolt holes and motor plug holes will eventually come out of line.

Its the rounded edges along the edge of the decks that i can’t do constantly because i’m pretty sure that’s a shaped router bit that is used for that commercially and not sanding, and i have neither router nor CNC. I’m happy with my hard lines though. It has become part of my branding.

If anyone on this forum can do laser cut flexible plastic templates, i’m interested.

How much will they go for and any chance you could make a shorty board for me? I’ve been wanting to cnc mill a hollow deck, but I am a computer scientist, not an engineer, so I know little cad and have no resources to buy a cnc machine, and using one some wheres is too costly.

There is a router attachment for a dremel @longhairedboy …its only like 25 bucks or something.

Try scribing a pencil line ablout an 1/8 inch from the edge on both sides of the corner. Sand down to the lines you made creating a 45 degree edge. You can then gently round it out with 220 grit sandpaper and it will stay true.

My hollow core decks are currently selling for $250, but these are 39" longboards. After the new year I will be trying out some shorty designs using 35 amp 18650’s. Once I test out these smaller high output packs we will have a base model to work with and modify.

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If you get around to it, let me know. I’m not really a long board rider, I’m a competitive skateboarder and a cruiser rider. I don’t like flexible decks, I like it short and hard (no pun intended).