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My vision for the future of electric skateboards is that people build their own rig instead of buying pre built “in a box” solutions.

When I was a kid growing up and skateboarding everyday we built our own skateboards from parts! You would buy the Trucks, Wheels, Deck you wanted and put it together… This way you could build a deck that suited your style, rarely would anyone buy a pre built deck from a shop & if they did we use to rip them pretty hard! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I want to establish this ethos within the electric skateboards movement… So I have made the designs for the Dual Drive Enertion Motor Mount Kit V1.0 FREE to anyone who wants to build an electric skateboard that perfectly suits their own style and who is willing to get their hands dirty.

> For personal use only

> All adaptions must be shared

> I provide this design without guarantee or warranty



Creative Commons Licence Electric Skateboard Motor Mount by Jason Potter is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.


One word: AWESOME!

This can seriously make for some awesome custom mounts.

The main thing I’m thinking about is a rear facing version so people can build a board with a greater drop. I know torqueboard’s mount can do that, but I don’t like the idea of having a mount that clamps onto a circle… it seems like it will eventually slide down and hit your motor on the ground- no matter how much thread lock you put on. But that might just be me…

does this mount only work for caliber trucks or will it work with paris as well?

From a glance, it’s originally designed for caliber trucks. But here is the fun part, all the design files are available for custom use. So one can easily mod the original design to adapt to personal use and continue the sharing.

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as Blasto said, the beauty of our open source mount is the ability to edit it to your hearts content.

It was originally designed for Calibers, but could easily be modified for Paris trucks.

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can someone send me this file`? its no longer available on enertion

what program do I use to open this?

not there anymore, could somebody who actually downloaded this file to share?

thanks in advance


Any chance you still have this file :slight_smile: ?

Hello everyone ! Do someone know where can we still find the file ? Thank you in advance.

Very interested in looking at some of these files as well!

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