Open Source Motor Mount

Hey Guys,

The past couple of days i’ve been working on a motor mount. The motor mount features adjustable belt tension, 50mm/63mm Motor compatibility, Various truck clamp rings and others.

The main mount is done. I am now working on the clamp rings so you can add them to different trucks.

The only problem about this mount, is that it is pretty complicated design to get cut, 3d printed is easier but not always the best option.

Here are some images

Development Process

Motor Mount

Side View

Back View

Exploded Diagram

Cool Angles

At the moment the mount is out for the public. I am going to make a few more truck rings for different trucks. I would like some feedback on maybe how to improve it and what trucks you guys would like.

Once i have it to a standard that I’m happy with i will release it for free.

Also the bolts used are:

2 M6 X 20 Knurled Cup Set Screw 1 M5 X 20 Bolt 4-8 M4 X 12 Bolt 4 M3 x 10 Bolt.

This project was inspired by @JLabs open source motor mount design.


Thank you for using the color red


I decided to go with an Iron man theme to make it look cooler :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought of this style of a mount before but just FYI it will be pretty hard to change the bolt on the bottom if it’s towards the deck. Typically, you won’t have any space to turn that bolt.

Looks sweeeeeeet in any color

Its for performance

You could get it 3D printed in metal from a company like shapeways.

do you know if that would be stable enough? what metals do they do?

I’m not sure, never done it, but they do stainless steel and similar materials I believe.

Also steel and aluminum (along with other plastic materials)

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You will pay big bucks for a metal shapeways part. I would recommend what @torqueboards said, it would be hard to adjust it, unless done before mounting.

Agreed it will still be expensive, but if you REALLY wanted to, that’s probably the best way. Just wanted to put it out there as another option.

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To adjust it is simple, set in the screws and move the pice till your belt tension is to your standards. Tighten one side of the screws (this will stop it from sliding) then tighten the other side by either taking it off the truck or having the truck already off the board and just resting, that way you can flip the truck over and tighten the other side

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I posted my mount files. @Raf 's mount is actually based on mine. I dont know how to put a cover image on thingiverse, and well I dont feel like messing with it. So here you go:

I made this out of aluminum and you can see pics of it on my build thread

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looks alot like the enertion opensoure mount…and just as complicated to make.

the arms/sides of the motor plate would be too thin for printing. and the slots in the y axis makes it even worse.

i just started one yesterday, inspired by psychostiller, tbv4, enertion…

its a 2 piece, will cuts in the same plane. still need to split the clamp, and slot the motor plate for tensioning. kiss ( keep it stupid simple).


I agree with KISS! Hahah I am probably going to make a second version using the flaws of this one and strengthening them in the V2

nice renders, however there design might have a weak spot, is this alum? what is the thickness of these areas?


yeah aluminium and 5mm x 6mm

the thickness needs to be at least 10mm, otherwise the alum will snap…


I don’t understand why you designed it this way in the first place. It is completely “overengineered” to the point where the design is complicated to manufacture and does not even have any benefit compared to simpler solutions (look @torqueboards mount for example). To me it seems like you wanted to design something that looks cool without thinking of making a better mount than what is already available. You obviously have good design and render skills - you should try to design something simpler but with the same functionality.

To get an idea you could for example think of the following: What is the benefit of having the screws for belt tension on the top and bottom? What is the curve actually doing (structural integrity - why not just an edge)? Why single motor mount holes instead of slots?

Looking forward to your next mount - will be stellar! :thumbsup: