Opened up my meepo battery - not sure what happened to it

I think I should’ve just built my own board at first might have just costed a bit extra to get the tools. They sell their 10s2p battery for 135$ looks like at least 45$ max (I may be wrong) in components to make + consider they probably bulk buy stuff in higher amounts / larger discounts. Maybe I should start my own budget board company. Think there may be some water damage but looks like the BMS got fucked up. 20190318_044923 20190318_044913 20190318_044845

Might make a 30Q in same config to replace this to practice making batteries

I think meepo would be better off using 30Q anyway, more mAh and from what I have seen discharge would be just as good.

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20 18650 cells (20R or 25R maybe?) are probably worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $45 on their own, and that’s assuming deep volume discounts. That plus assembly labor plus all the other bits like the BMS, and they’re definitely making a profit but probably not more than a 100% markup over BOM.

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Cella do look damaged. Interesting that they use only 1 nickel plate. Though for these low amps it might very well be enough

as min they cut the corners (on the nickel) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I just don´t get what the threat is all about @Resonant

What was the reason why you opened the pack. Something stopped working? You need some help with something?

Just had a short look at boosted… extended range battery 399$ :rofl: You think it´s worth 399? idk…

But yeah there seems that some water came somehow into your enclosure. If you gonna make a new pack by your own, find that lack before, as also with a new and better pack that will happen if water come close to your cells.

yeah it stopped working. was heating up for some reason hopefully it didnt ruin my esc because the would be a problem, cant wait an extra 2 months to get it fixed. I think it was the BMS

Same happened on my V1 meepo… Water damage died…has rust on the nickel… After i broke the pack down only the nickel was rusted but the cells were ok and i re used them ebike although everyone screamed “trash em” its a judgement call… But the cells maybe salvageable actually… Just gonna take to.some work to strip it down… De burr and then re weld… But could be a fun project if youre intersted in battery building =\

Nickle don’t rust easily.


Nickel is highly rust resistant, but can still rust when exposed to highly humid environments.

But at that point chances are all the other things in the pack will break first

My mastike.

If you take a closer at the picture you can see that the bms as a thick coat of conformal coating over it. It enough to protect it against humidity and water for some time.

After buying commercial…I’ve decided to go DIY this time around. You are coreect, the first build will require a significantly higher investment…for tools, supplies and all the duh!! Moments. Still DIY is the way to go for me from this moment forward.

Yur right…i should re word and say using the word “nickel” lightly… As it probably wasnt nickel at all or probably nickel coated steel or some shit… Which did rust…

Same imma have to buy a spot welder and soldering iron and lots of stuff to build a battery otherwise everything else is mainly premade for what I want to do

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What exactly could have broken, I think when I first noticed the bms was very hot and burned a hole in the blue wrap, pvc shrink wrap whatever its called.

Need a soldering iron and a spot welder and all those extra stuff needed, thing is they are 20r batteries which kinda suck. Probably gonna make a 30q to replace it as practice when I get the equipment then move on to a larger thing