Opening 10s3p Pack

Hi everyone! I got my Space Cell Enclosure to realize that Dexter’s Pack does not fit since two corners are irregular and its not a perfect rectangle. My idea was to remove the USB ports to save up space, and mount the LCD, Power Button and Charge Port directly to the Enclosure.

I have a friend who knows how to proceed to do such a thing, that being said, I do not want to touch any of the cells by any means (since the other corners fit just fine).

Any advice? @barajabali @cmatson @torqueboards @onloop @whitepony @link5505 @Namasaki

Some pics…

could you cut the heatshrink around the protruding area? we need to see what is inside.

I’m curious, what are the usb ports for? Charging you phone or remote?

At first glance it looks like the extra space is just the cables sitting on the side of the battery. Perhaps you can cut away some of the heatshrink and relocate the leads.

I wouldn’t recommend opening it up, i’m sure that would void any support from diy.

If you do, this is what you can expect inside

@Blasto that looks so much cleaner than a SpaceCell Pro! Do you have a picture of it turned on? Would like to see the LCD or the power button’s illumination? Thanks

haven’t seen inside the SCP, I thought this was a hot glue mess haha, there’s more glue under those black panels (sorry no pic)

I actually gutted the hole thing out, I only wanted the cells

I wish i knew what BMS was in that thing. I cant seem to find a soft switch BMS anywhere

That’s not the soft switch bms. Be patient brother, still testing.

this is:


@blasto did you migrate DIY’s 10S3P pack over to Enertion’s enclosure? That’s a mighty NEAT job I’d must say!

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well I just used the cells, everything everything else got tossed

So you basically made the pack fit into the Space Cell Enclosure? Thats what i’m trying to do! Was it hard to rearrange the electronics and mount it to the enclosure?

Edit: How did you remove the hot glue without damaging anything?

The hot glue was cheap, it brakes off.

Basically i took out all of the electronics and replaced it with mine. The cell holder won’t fit well in the ribs that the enclosure has.

So how did you mount the cells? Without the cell holder? I guess that required to resolder everything.

Is that a BMS? What BMS is that o.O?

I carefully broke the cell holders off… But i got my pack second hand for dirt cheap, didn’t do this on a brand new unit.

My advice, either sell the battery and get a scp3 or get another enclosure… I know it sucks

Unless you trust your skillz to dismantle your current battery.

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I’m also interested in that BMS. Is it custom? It kinda reminds me of the Enertion BMS.

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