Opening Inboard M1 batteries

Hi everybody,

maybe a stupid question but how do I open the batteries of the Inboard M1? I have two batteries that I can’t recharge anymore… I guess the cells need to be exchanged?

Appreciate any tips.


I don’t know how to open this pack, but li-ion batteries are very dangerous and if they’ve reached an unsafe discharge level, they may be permanently ruined.

Make sure you understand the risks before opening it.

I believe there should be either screws holding it together or possibly snap locked. Someone opened these before. Do be careful when opening.

Edit: it’s glued on. So you’ll have to pull it apart with a heat gun. Or just use something to break it apart.

Thanks @LeonCamero , I believe there the nub at the bottom may be part of a snap lock. Let’s see if anybody has a non-destructive idea even though I’m not holding my breath. :slight_smile:

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As far as I’ve seen and read, you’ll have to pry open the case. If there is another way, that’ll be helpful.