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Opening up the Nyko Kama Dongle

I made this video so that people can work out how to open up the dongle to get the receiver out of the nyko kama.
I was going to make it into a whole video part on how to solder the wires on, but circumstances have left me unable to film that part yet. I will certainly get it done some time in the future though.


Soldered to JST plug for testing

Those are pretty short wires.
Aren’t you worried about RF interference from the VESC ?

no, not really.
Its for testing, so If I do see any affect from RF I’ll be sure to report back.

I accidentally put this through the washer and drier this week, because I left it in my pocket when the hack board was in push assist mode.
happy to say she still works :slight_smile:

Lol is it your new key chain? :joy::key::old_key:

actually these things are pretty solid… I accidentally ripped it in half the other day, I didn’t realise there are actually 2 boards, one smaller one soldered on top of the other. I pulled on the top one and ripped it clean off.
thought it was done for but I soldered them back together and all good!

then I put it through the wash…

still good

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Do you think there is a way to add a longer antenna?