Opinion on Big foot 97mm 78a wheels

Hi there forum fellas,

Has anyone tested these Big foot 97mm 78a wheels?


The price is right in between the original Abec 11 flywheels and the cheap clones on ebay.

They look like cheap clones with white letter stamping on them. Anyone every give them a spin?

I’m about 99% sure they are just custom branded run of clones… but since they are branded, hopefully better quality control. A decent option for eu, just over priced clones for us tho…

I’m also very interested in these Bigfoot 97mm wheels as they fall just short of the durometer rating of the Flywheel 97mm 75a wheels. 78a can’t make that big of a difference can it? I’m looking to buy a new set of wheels as soon as I can. I need something that can get me over the downtown Chicago river bridges with ease. The vibration I get when riding over the bridge makes my skull rattle, it’s terrible. I don’t like riding on the sidewalks due to the heavy crowds heading the opposite direction. Thoughts?

They are branded clones i’d bet. Otherwise like the metroboard wheels (which say collab w/ Abec 11), they would proudly label as Flywheel too.

As for the claims of 75a/78a - seriously - it will not be the same. See my post in other thread you were checking on clones:

And to be clear - I’m not “anti-clones”! Quite the opposite. Ran them for a few years and have a few sets for a rainy day. With the trouble to find legit 97 flywheels - sometimes it’s what you can find and works well enough! Not out too much $ if you don’t like them.