Opinion on Bushings for heavy rider

I have a Raptor dual and i was riding around yesterday and getting some speed wobble at speed so i tightened up the trucks and the wobble is gon but i cant make tight low speed turns now. Should i leave it as is or will the correct bushings for my weight be a better option?

I think I’m the biggest proponent of harder durometer bushings for heavier riders on this forum. I have been trying to get used to lower durometer bushings but I really prefer close to 100a barrel and cone or cone cone hardcore bones bushings. I weigh about 225 with all my kit on. If you’re just beginning I think it’s good to have harder bushings just so you can get used to learning the basics… Which is really hard if you can’t go moderate speeds without feeling unsafe. Look on muirskate. They have a really good bushing guide and decent selection on the site.


I use double barrel indy 96’s on the rear and a single barrel indy 96 and stock cupped on the front of my drop deck with 6in at wheels. I hit 27mph this weekend and no speed wobble. It doesn’t carve great but it’s not supposed too, it’s supposed a frikkin rocket and that it is :grinning:.