Opinion on this pack?

Hi so i have been scouring aliexpress for a 10s pack for my skateboard after my first board literally puffed up new lipos. So my current set up is some cheap 90mm hubs and a cheap chinese esc for skateboards…the wheels are rated at 550w but i got them up to 1300 easily but damaged them from heat, the esc works but will need a new tx 60 plug and the lipos i used puffed up in 3 months or less.

So the cheap chinese escs are not safe because every time i got off from a ride on a low battery " indicated by the esc" i was at 3v to 2.8v and thats stupid bad…but knowing this now i decided to look into a 18650 pack. The seller has this pack which i was looking to buy but something gave me caution.

These are the batteries here but when i asked for the cells used they mentioned the seller called them EVE 18650. I tried to look up this brand and i asked if there a rebrand…there was no solid answer. He did mention he can add a 20amp BMS to the pack but i live in ohio where we have hills…i think the lipo set up was better but i do want to get a single motor and then turn it into a dual motor set up in the future…any thoughts?

#Aliexpress US $145.00 | 36V 10Ah Lithium ion battery pack 18650 cells for 500W 800W skateboard motorelectric scooter folding electric bike +2A charger

simply put stay away from non reputable cells.

I think there is only a metaphorical handful of China packs people here would recommend and It’s your job to find them along with the genuine human from here who bought them to confirm there alright.

Also I think you can search for packs that use the Q30 cells they’re your best option.

BUT! There are cheaper cells out there you just need then to do a little research to see if they truly work for you. Research theses key words Voltage Sag Energy density power density battery Cycles cell capacity test *cell WH rating (which then you divide by 10 to get approx range in KM)

Ehh that’s a recycled battery pack get one from here


10s2p should be fine

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