Opinions needed: board has a crack. Safe?

Hello guys, so I bought a new board and the guy said it only have some scratches while removing the wheels bevause I bought only the deck but actually it looks broken.

At the moment the guy gave me two options, Get full money back - 50€ He gives me 20€ back and I keep it like that.

I’m not experienced with skateboards and I would like to have your opinion about it. I can’t tell how deep the crack is, I tried putting some force and see if it would open a little more but it holds pretty good. Will I be OK with this OK? What if I install a metal plate under so it re-enforces it? I mean like an underpad raiser that would also prevent the nuts digging inside the board as it is a drop through mount.

Here some pictures:

It took a hit on the edge as you can see. IMG_20180902_152610IMG_20180902_152634IMG_20180902_151542Uploading…

The pads I mean something like this maybe larger under the board. IMG_20180903_122519

What do you guys think? Do I just send it back and look for a new one? It is 93cm with a W shape koston talisman deck

I’d say avoid the risk unless you’re willing to add carbon fiber layers to compensate for the compromised wood. If that deck ends up being the reason you fall at high speed, it won’t be pretty.


personally, id strip it down to its bare minimum and cover it in a layer of fibreglass on the top and bottom. Another option is to use a bowl or something and fill it with epoxy resin, and place the end into the bowl so that it completely covers the crack and some. Then once its hard use a grinder to grind back the epoxy and leave a clean finish. You can then do another layer of fibreglass on top of that if you want complete strength. This will however completely remove all flex

It’s only at the tip, I worry only because it is around a screw hole because it is at the tip here it doesn’t flex much.


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Technically it can’t fall off since the truck would be held on by the other 3 bolts…but it is a little risky. Would you be willing to add a layer of fibreglass? If not I’d get a refund

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It’s a gorgeous deck and 50 seems like a good deal. It would only cost you about $20 for a small fiberglass or carbon fiber kit big enough to cover the nose.

Hi, I have a Koston deck too. I really like the deck but they are not as high quality then the European and American counterparts. 50€ seems a bit highly priced. I got my Koston from Alibaba for 70$ shipping included. image That is the deck. Look for Skatesky on Alibaba and ask them for samples, they might make you a good deal.

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It’s cracked around the truck. No brainer. Refund that not worth the hassle.

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I’m not exactly sure if the crack is deep or superficial. I took the grip tape out and saw no crack inside.

I was thinking to use a metal riser like this but under the board for strength. images%20(1)

For double safety I would put a long wood screw just in case, something like :


get a refund or replacement of you can.

i dont know how good your craftmanship is but patching it up yourself with carbon fiber or whatever will not guarantee your safety.

  • too much messy work
  • safety risks not eliminated
  • wasted time and money

i bought a koston bamboo deck where the truck bores had been drilled out very sloppily and the clear grip was awful. i paid close to 100€ and i was expecting a decent product so i settled for a replacement.

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Geez why. The time alone invested is worth more than just buying a fiberglass board

I’ve had every board I’ve owned chip or crack at the ends from ramming it into a wall accidentally – in your case it looks like that even if it cracks apart, it won’t send you flying off the board, and getting some money back for it would make this just a 30$ board – very good deal imho. Personally I would definitely keep the deck and use it. Not sure why other people here think otherwise…

Meh I would keep the deck. I agree with @rusins , its a freaking longboard lol, shit like this always happens, don’t know why everyone is saying shit like don’t risk it or fiberglass it and stuff.

Id glady buy that thing for 30 bucks, even 50 bucks is a sweet damned deal


Hi, I also think so.

The problem is that I am in China and I looked for a long time for a cool board like this that is not so expensive. Normally a similar like this i need to spend more than 100€. I mean, I have more than enough to buy an expensive board but my goal is to find deals like this to make it as good as possible and also as cheap.

The shop I ordered from only had this one so I don’t have the chance to replace it, and I’m trying that you guys help me keep it because I really like it. The board is stiff like a rock it doesn’t bend ;D

I am stretching how far I can go with quality and price ;D I will open a thread about the build later this week. I also think it is more fun and better to learn to improvise and search stuff like this. I could also buy the best products and have an easy, not much thinking build.

You could always chop it and redrill the holes

…yeah…i guess its ok if your only pushing it unmotorized on flats. esk8s go faster than that.

seriously, people here dont have to live with the consequences of a bad decision - its you.

what if the board really fails and cause a bad accident? it could be just enough to throw you off balance and throw you into the next incoming truck or a tree or whatever…if youre lucky youre dead…if your unlucky you end up in a wheelchair for the rest of your life.

theres nothing wrong with cheap but make sure youre paying for it with money and not youre health.