Opinions on Hobby King's Turnigy Motor Mount

I’m gathering parts for a dual 6374 build, and I was wondering what the forum’s general impression of these Turnigy Motor Mounts are. I’ll be using either a Caliber 2 or Torqueboard 218mm truck for the motors, the square clamps are a plus. The look decent enough, but they’re so inexpensive my fear is that it’s too good to be true.


I filed mine down to make it sit flush with Caliber 2 trucks. They seem sturdy, and haven’t come loose after 100km. Downsides are the non-adjustable angle and the thickness of the mount, which requires you to have a longer motor shaft if you want to attach a wide (15mm) pulley. I have a regular SK3 and a 15mm pulley, the pulley is 2-3mm too wide and hangs over.

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If you haven’t bought motors already I would recommend u give Torque boards new motor a look

I’m using the mount on TB 218 trucks without any modifications. Been rock solid so far.

Also that mount has a small hole for the motor shaft. So motors without a recessed c-clip will make contact with the mount.

The Hobbyking sk8 motors work well because of the longer shaft. I think torqueboards motors have a longer shaft and a recessed c-clip.

This is a TB motor, they are recessed


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With the sk3’s you just put a washer between the motor and the mount and the c clip doesnt rub :slight_smile:

Can i have a photo where you filed it?

you file those knobs away to build sort of a rectangle

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+1 for filing. Installed their mount last spring, still riding with no thread lock, but I used grover rings to tighten the motor and it holds up like a charm.

The hobbyking mount worked fine for me on a single motor setup. Only one issue, I tightened the 2 bolts to hard to clamp it on the truck, so the thread was not good anymore. IMG_20190329_084218 I just took this (don’t know the name in english): chrome And tapped the hole fully through and used a longer bolt, now it’s just much stronger.