Opinions on Parallel charging vs BMS

So I was thinking about purchasing a BMS and a charger, but then I wouldn’t want my imax b6 to go to waste. I read that part charging is safe IF you use a special board. The problem I’m having is a BMS and a 12s charger is going to be about the same as the parallel charge board and the necessary connectors. Is anyone else using a parallel charge board for their setups? I’m thinking it might have a slight advantage since in parallel my batteries are at 4s and I could run lights off of that, but is it safe to wire the batteries in parallel one way and series the other (with necessary connectors) at the same time?

If you’re aware of the dangers and caveats of the parallel charging, there is nothing wrong doing it. It’s just more cubersome on an esk8 because you need to undo the series connection beforehand. Both together, no-no, big boom. BMS is much more convenient way. Speed wise, I would say that parallel charging using hobby charger should be faster overall because of the faster balance charging current.

I am charging them in parallel with my imaxb6, working fine from like 3½ months.

but i guess what you are saying is different than my setup.

Connecting them in Series at the same time in parallel may cause issues.

Im voting for bms because it can discharge batteries evenly


Be veerrryyy veeerrrryyyy careful if parallel charging. I destroyed my batteries that way.

buy a bms and let the b6 collect dust



Sounds to me like you still need to do more research before blowing stuff up.

What about something like this?

Left is balance board, right is esc

It would be a discharge only bms

With Lipos, parallel charging is never the optimal situation and should be avoided if possible.

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Isn’t it similar to a 12s3p pack of 18650s? Aren’t the 3p parallel charged with a BMS?

With Li-ion packs you are forced to use parallel groups so you have no choice. With Lipos you have a choice.