Opinions on safety of this

I am looking to do my first build, a dual diagonal drive build. Been doing a lot of research. The batteries I’m looking at are cheap 16000mah 10c 4s, and the motors I’m up in the air about. Seeing as I have two motors I probably don’t need 63mm but I want the torque. How much torque difference is there between a 5045, 5055, and a 5065? What about a 6354, 6364, and a 6374? Is it worth getting a longer motor? Also if I get two of those batteries, they are 16000mah at 4s, I’d wire them in series to get 8s, but they’re only 10c. If I’m running them in series will I be pulling too many amps? the smaller 50’s say a max of 60 and the bigger 63’s a max of 80 amps, seeing as the battery can only do 16*10c is 160 amps, is that dangerous, will it kill my batteries?

The batteries should work fine. You won’t be pulling 60-80 amps per motor unless you stall them and pull full throttle.

The motors depend on what you want out of your build, how hilly your area is and how much you weigh.

Wouldn’t go smaller than 5065 personally, but should work well in dual. There are a few people I’ve seen here that runs on 50mm motors.

A dual 6355 will get you enough power for pretty much any hill. Dual 6374 if you want power to throw you off the board even uphill :wink:

50mm motors are cheaper and lighter generally, which is a small plus if you ever need to carry your board.