Opinions? | Single 6374 | Custom Enclosure | Flipsky VESC 6.6 | 10s4p 30Q

Hello! This is my first post … so hopefully I’m doing this right.

Anyways, currently building my second electric skateboard and doing my best to do this one “correctly”. My goal was to create a practical board. I would love to hear your opinions on my component choices.

So heres the parts: Battery: 10s4p Samsung 30Q (hand built) Motor: Flipsky 6374 190kV sensored Board: Landyatch 9 two 5 Trucks: DIYElectricSkateboards 218mm Caliber clones Wheels: 90mm Flywheel clones Motor Mount: DIYElectricSkateboards for 63mm motors Pulley Combo: DIYElectricSkateboards 15mm HDT5 belts with 16/40 gear ratio Enclosure: Custom Fiberglass (will post pictures) Speed Controller: Flipsky 6.6 VESC with Antispark On/Off Receiver/Transmitter: Nano 2.4ghz remote with 2 speed modes Misc: Bluetooth module, generic 10s BMS, rubber truck risers

I’m creating a flexible battery with 3 layers of 0.2x10mm nickel bridges with 13awg for series connections.

The enclosure will be fiberglass (at least for the first mold) and held to the board with M6 bolts and “E nuts” with weather stripping. The mold was 3D modeled in solidworks to match the boards contours, printed in 3 parts on my 3D printer, bondo’d, painted, then waxed for the fiberglass to be layed.

Here’s some pictures (everyone likes pictures)

Just using some bad cells to test the layout. Will use my 30Q.








This is still just the mold. Will make a fiberglass shell when it warms up a bit. 20180914_145510


Thanks for reading!


Trucks: DIYElectricSkateboards 218mm Caliber clones Wheels: 90mm Flywheel clones

I’d say these are worth looking at, both will significantly affect your ride comfort.

Genuine caliber 2’s can be had for similar money to the clones on amazon and the difference between clone flywheels and real are stark. Might be worth shelling a bit more out for those!


Thanks for your reply!

I’ll look into those. I’m from Canada so finding anything affordable is always a challenge especially since the Caliber trucks are now discontinued (or at least I thought so). I appreciate the help!

You should try living in the UK haha, we get shafted. last week I bought a $18 item (including shipping) and it cost me $22 to bring it in to the country in import fees and “administration”

I think it’s pretty bad in Canada too.

Canada is similar to the UK except we don’t have VAT. Our declaration before duties are charged is $20, then its 20% plus applicable GST. To import 40 Samsung 30Q batteries it cost me $100 in duties/handling fees, not including the $50 in shipping and don’t get me started about the terrible exchange rate from the USD to CAD. So I know the struggle. I probably pay double when trying to import from the US and since Canada doesn’t have very many specialized retailers, it’s hard to buy local. China is great since declaring 10% of purchase price to customs is very common.

Similar situation then, that sucks.

My brother and his wife live in Nova Scotia, you guys might not have specialized retailers but at least its incredibly pretty everywhere you look :smiley:

this looks great man, i did something very similar. I modelled my enclosure in onshape and bolted it to the deck. Then i fibreglassed over the 3d printed case to. make it seamless with the deck: Snapchat-181222570020180721_20434120180712_11203020180710_11162220180709_183126 Works like an absolute charm and i somehow doubt it’ll crack at all. It’s super duper strong. :wink: (edit: i did paint over it in black afterwards so it’s completely black now 20180816_105212


nice build. let me know how you mount the fsesc. i have one coming in the mail and curious as to how you mount it without the aluminum case. btw, how long did it take for you to get the fsesc? ordered it august 26 and still waiting for it.

Mine took awhile. Ordered 28th shipped with DHL but got stuck in customs for awhile. Just recently got it. I’ll probably 3D print something and use some 3M or similar double sided tape. Where are you located? Always happy to ship 3D prints if the mount works out.

That looks amazing and super clean. My deck is a really weird shape with lots of curves so I felt the 3D printed route is the way to go (and always looking for an excuse to print stuff). Once I create the shell, we’ll see how good my modeling skills were.

Administration…sitting around smoking cigars regaling the good old days of the empire. God I miss home. @baxtred great build! Love the enclosure and now I need a printer…and an xcarve…and and and

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mine was oddly bent around the edges and my 3d modelling skills weren’t the best, that’s why i glassed over it to cover up the shitty 3d model :joy:

Look into the ender 3. Very cheap and quality is pretty good. Join the Ender 3 Facebook support group and you’ll be golden. Like electric skateboards, you can never build just one, so soon you’ll have 4… like me :slight_smile:. I really want an xcarve as well. Now if only I had money…

I’m at the stage of stop buying esk8 parts and start buying production equipment. I have enough boards right now but want to take the next step. Thanks for the heads up I’ll check it out.

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If you are going to use clone wheels I would advise 97mm as they are slightly bigger and will be more comfortable to ride


I went with to 90mm over the 83mm for a little more comfort (my downhill longboard has 70 somethings and is pretty rough on the cracks). I felt the 97mm wheels might look a little big and want to keep my torque as high as possible to climb hills. Regardless, thanks for the suggestion! I’m sure one day, I’ll put 97s on a board.

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Batteries being made. Just waiting on some shrink wrap, 13awg wire, and BMS to show up.

Also this is the nickel strip I got. The dimensions are correct (exactly 0.2x10mm). It is pure nickel (did the grinder test and left in salt water for a couple days). Also another user said he got pure nickel when he bought this. It’s a little expensive but worth the price to know you aren’t getting steel plated strips.






Well I’ve turned this into a build post.

Attempt #1 of the enclosure is done. Not enough PVA caused some paint to be pulled off the mold. Overall a good test. Might make it a little thicker with a carbon fiber sheet on the bottom in a future attempt. Pretty happy with it. The clear looks pretty neat and could be cool to show off the electrinics a bit (will probably paint it black if I dont make a carbon one).

Batteries are coming along, just very repetitive and still waiting on heat shrink.




I’m located in texas. did you make a box for your fsesc? if so would love to see pics.