Opportunity Esk8 Event Streets of Landcaster

Calling all Esk8 racers : Our community has been invited to participate in an exhibition race at the 11th annual ‘Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix’. This is a 3 day shifter karting event sponsored by Toyota that pulls drivers from across the country to compete for bragging rights. This is a rare opportunity to showcase how Esk8 has evolved and grown into a sport worthy of its own place in the exciting world of extreme sports. The owner of SKUSA, the premier karting association in the US, is offering us a night race on Saturday, Sept 28th to include announcer, cameras and big screens highlighting every turn for an audience of thousands in addition to a spotlight interview to promote our sport & sponsors. We need at least 15 riders with boards that will do 30 mph or faster to commit by this Friday, Sept 13th in order to secure our spot at this event. There are no entry fees, insurance is covered by the promoter, the event includes street party, live music, car show and great kart racing. Check it out at www.streetsoflancaster.com and contact Moe Stooge with any questions and get your name confirmed on the roster!

Lancaster California https://maps.app.goo.gl/MK1zYFwV16dmN6zR7


Looks like a great opportunity for fun racing and to get esk8 racing out there! I want to see some fast guys showing what we can do.

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If you can crack 30mph, have a full face helmet and pads you are in👍 . I need 15 confirmed by friday to get the green light on this. 35,000 spectators at this event last year. It will be a big step for Esk8.

Lancaster California https://maps.app.goo.gl/MK1zYFwV16dmN6zR7


Quick update. The Promoter presented “us” as a racing group to the City of Lancaster. THEY LOVED IT. Green light with the city :heavy_check_mark:. The Insurance seems to be slowing the process. I don’t know what issues are in the way but it’s being worked out. We Currently are not in the show yet pending Insurance approval. The promoter understands that travel arrangements need met and is diligently working on this final issue… We have exceeded our Minimum requirements for the roster as of current. HERE IS THE ROSTER: 9/13 Colorado Caddy. (Colorado Esk8 squad) Jason Lucier (SRB team riders) Matthew Carrol (team Psychotiller) Justin Morgan (RipTide Sports) David Jackson (Team Speedboards) Mary Christina Brown (Team Speedboards Athanasios Agapitos (SoCal Esk8 Squad) Moe Stooge (SRB team riders) Louis Gutierrez (SoCal esk8 squad) Mike Arezamenable (SoCal esk8 squad) Winfly (BaEsk8) Sofu (BaEsk8) Kellen Gallagher (BaEsk8) Kenny Spencer(BaEsk8) Art Zuniga (SRB team riders) Luke Belz (hummies /SRB team riders) Connor McGarry (SoCal Esk8 Squad) Dave Dirickson. (team Psychotiller) Lei Quisheng (team Psychotiller) Chris Chaput (team Psychotiller)

Thanks for everyone Stepping up on short short notice. Will be a great event.



9/16 Lancaster Race Update. We are a full on GO for racing Sat the 28th and possibly Sunday the 29th. We will have a designated Pit area. Bring an EZup, Chairs and Work table if you can.

ENTRY FEE: Racer and one Mechanic are Free and will receive an arm band for the event. All others must pay.

Full face helmets, no acceptions. Make sure you have proper go-down gear. Pads or Leathers Mandatory.

I was asked by the promoter Tom Kutcher to
Vet the racer quality. 30+ mph boards with confidence in your riding ability. This will not be a group ride.

Lodging and event details at https://www.superkartsusa.com/regional/california-pkc/event-calendar/round-6/host-hotel.html

More to come on race schedule and format


Streets Of Lancaster Grand Prix Esk8 update - 2 days of racing -

Thursday is the Deadline for Registration. If you are unsure you can make it, get on the list anyway. All entries will be will-call at the pit entry gate. This is the list that will get you and your mechanic into the event Saturday and Sunday Morning.

Weekend rough itinerary :

Saturday the 28th

Practice 9-10 am

Qualifying 1-2 pm

Heat Race Sat night - Race under the lights

Sunday the 29th

Practice in the Morning TBA

Main event will be around 3pm

Please send me the following Esk8 profile information for the program announcer :

Picture, where your from, Group affiliation, Social media tags FB, instagram ect. Sponsors

This Lancaster event is a great way to promote and build the racing communtiy. Let’s open the door and invite people to find out more about what we do!

Send all regestration info to @moestooge


Your roster for Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix

  1. Colorado Caddy. (team Psychotiller, 1rst Prodo Class Thunder in the Mountains and Rocky Mountain Esk8 race.) Psychotiller. lazyrolling, shredlights, ionicflux,.
  2. Jason Lucier (SRB team riders 1rst at Barrett Junction, BakO12, Esk8 SoCal Outlaw Series, 2nd at Thunder in the Mountains, 3rd at Evolve Demo, Backside Brawl, Holds the all time Stand up record at MaryHill, Wa) Sponsored by TP-Power
  3. Matthew Carrol (team Psychotiller 2nd Esk8 SOS thane wheel 3rd Esk8 SOD rubber wheel)
  4. David Jackson (Team Speedboards)
  5. Mary Christina Brown (Team Speedboards
  6. Athanasios Agapitos (SoCal Esk8 Squad)
  7. Moe Stooge (SRB team riders, 1rst at Evolve Demo, 1rst Derby days pro class, 1rst Thunder in the Mountains, SPD2 2nd at BakO12 and Barret Junction, Backside Brawl uphill, Finals World Cup 18)
  8. Louis Gutierrez (SoCal esk8 squad)
  9. Mike Arezamenable (SoCal esk8 squad 3rd Barrett Junction 1rst at Backside Brawl uphill)
  10. Winfly (BaeEsk8 2nd San Francisco Cannonball race)
  11. Sofu (BaeEsk8)
  12. Kellen Gallagher, (San Francisco, Baesk8)
  13. Kenny Spencer(BaeEsk8)
  14. Tony Vargas (1rst place San Francisco Cannonball Race, baesk8)
  15. Luke Belz (hummies /SRB team riders Finals 2018 World Cup)
  16. Connor McGarry (SoCal esk8 squad)
  17. Dave Dirickson. (team Psychotiller)
  18. Lei Quisheng (team Psychotiller, 1rst Thane wheel class esk8 SOS, 2nd Rubber wheel Esk8 SOS race)
  19. Chris Chaput (team Psychotiller, CEO Abec11 wheels)
  20. Tim Del. (RipTide Sports, one of four men who have broke 90mph DH skateboard )

Pit gate and registration opens at 6:am Sat Morning. Drivers Meeting at 7:30 am. Saturdays and Sundays schedule and events are posted here and may be subject to change. Map is also on this page.


SATURDAY We will be on the track at 12:25 for qualifying, then for a night Heat Race at 9:10 pm Saturday under the lights. There most likley be a HotLap session earlier Sat.

Bring your ez-up canopies, chairs, work tables.

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Just checked Streets schedule. If your rollling in early Friday evening. At 8:30 Foo Fighters are playing on the street stage. Daaaam

Damn this sounds fucking awesome, if only they would do something like this near NY


Official Schedule Here.

ESK8 RACE Schedule Streets of Lancaster GP. Saturday 6:00 am pit gate opens 7:45 esk8 practice 6 laps 12:25 esk8 qualifying (transponders) 6 laps 9:10 esk8 Heats 6 laps

Sunday 3:05 esk8 Mains 8 laps

Download the SKUSA app on your phone and you can watch the live scoring of the Esk8 Racing as it happens.

Happy Race Day🏁 Pit entrance. Parking inside on Sierra hwy. 506 W Jackman St 506 W Jackman St, Lancaster, CA 93534 https://maps.app.goo.gl/Sw3F9hMoBRF1r4nZ9