Optimizes High-Performance Brushless Motor High-Power Dual-Drive Controller Based On ODrive

Maybe someone needs it.

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Matching the original firmware of Odrive.

The supporting USB connection to the PC terminal can realize motor debugging and complex multi-axis control. And it can realize FOC control for most brushless motors on the market.

PCB description:4 layer 4 * 2oz = 8oz Applicable Voltage:8-56V Current Parameter:50A continuous/120A peak Support Encoder: Incremental Encoder, Absolute Encoder, Houle Sensor, AMT102, AMT103, TLB5012, AS5047 Communication Interface: USB-Protocol Open Source (PC, Raspberry Pie, Ros), UART (Embedded Devices), PWM (RC Remote), STEP/DIRECTION(PLC)、GPIO、CAN、ANALOG INPUT Voltage Protection: Programmable Voltage Protection to Prevent Excessive Battery Discharge Movement Pattern: Speed Mode, Torque Mode, Current Mode, Position Mode, Trajectory Mode, etc.

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