Options for Single Motor Mechanical Kit

I’m looking to build my electric skateboard very soon and currently looking for the right parts. I’m planning on getting the DIY Single Motor Mechanical kit here. Not sure which size motor mount to get for this 6374 motor though. Any ideas? Thanks.

Well a 63mm motor needs a 63mm mount :wink:

Ok, I assumed it was a 63mm but I didn’t know for sure. Also which pulley should I get, the 13t or 16t one?

A 6374 motor means 63mm diameter and 74mm stator lenght.

Search for Calculator here on the forum to find your desired speed/gearing

I have the same motor and mount. 16T motor and 36T wheel on 83mm wheels. It works really well.

@M1Rob - For most 16T/36T is ideal. Unless your running 10S/12S and want more torque (don’t need the top speed) then 13/36 is nice.

@torqueboards hi i bought some items(single motor kit ) but have not receive any email about it , can you email me when ur available [email protected]