Orangatang 77a Caguamas and Kegels, second production run shipping 24 Oct., expected to sell out again

Check with your favorite retailer if they’re taking pre-orders.

Pricing on the Boosted-compatible, limited edition Caguama is already well-inflated ahead of the holiday season:


Happy building!

WTF why would they overprice them so much? O.O

These wheels are cool, most probably will end being serialized properly at a normal price.

Yeah why are these selling out when ollin popocas are nearly the same ? If not better because they are bigger

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To be clear; we think certain profiteers will purchase pre-orders and then sell those on eBay, in advance of receiving them later this month.

These blue wheels are very magic and precious to Boosted owners.

It takes two 5-gallon buckets of Smurfs to press down into one 85mm wheel.

(yes buy Popocas).

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Smurfs are hard to catch. I get it now!


10x c😂 h😆 a😝 r

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I bought 80a’s for $77 months ago.

I’m not sure the 3 durometer is worth $130 haha.

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I can get them at my local dh skate shop for 80 bucks I know them personally they can get harfang to cut some treads in them also if I want … debating still on the new batch is coming … anyways but I said no last month I don’t want …I don’t like the pastel blue really to them…they sold them really quick they had like 6 sets I think gone in a couple days…but the boosted seller down the road still has his listed for 150 fucking dummy’s

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You’re still selling these? (Blatant bump…)


Anyone tried these blue Caguamas? Thoughts?

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@Eboosted has them on his moonshine

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They are amazing, the ride is really quiet, the grip is higher than the orange caguamas and the most imoprtant part is the comfort on bad roads, I feel them softer than Abecs I don’t knowe why, maybe it’s the board I’m riding. I had no dents or chunks on the Caguamas so far which is a good indicative that they might last more than Abecs.

The only drawback might be the color which is a matter of personal prefference, I’d love orange Caguamas with the same durometer as the blue ones.

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