Orangatang durian

Hi, I’m doing my first build and I already have a Loaded Vanguard with Orangatang durian wheels: https://orangatangwheels.com/wheels/durian-75mm

Sorry if it is a stupid question, but assuming that I don’t care about ruining the wheels, is it a good idea to connect the wheel pulley to this kind of wheels by making holes into them, and using bolt and screws? Would this be safe or should I resign to buying another pair of wheels? Just trying to save a few bucks.

You can but alignment is difficult and very crucial. Plus those are small wheels I dont recommend anything less than 90 on esk8 personally.

ive tried in the past on a couple bigfoot wheels. couldnt get the allnigment right. i wouldnt do it without a drill press and making very accurate measurments.

Get a pair of used kegels!

the pulley kits seem more rare to find. Could you share any links?


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