Orangatang kegal drive gears

i’m having trouble finding a drive gear for my kegals was hoping one of you could help


sorry forgot to say diy and esk8.de are no gos

Where are you based? @ajaynagra does group buys that sources these for the EU market and @JLabs I think does them for the US?

uk not sure that works for eu


Here is the link to the latest group buy from @ajaynagra He is based in the midlands but ships Europe wide.

you could use a 3d printed one till they are back in stock…

If you have access to your own 3D printer or want more selection that just the available 32 from evolve or the 36 everyone else has, you can go with any of these.

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if you care about beautiful parts … :slight_smile: and … perfect bearing alignement… shipping now !

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Is that Aluminum,

And does the Truck Hanger have to be cut for those Pulleys ?

AL7075 precision milling - Black anodized. Yes; you have to cut your truck hanger to fit the pulley; but will benefit of the bearing alignement; just in the middle of the pulley.

I’m going to produce a less advanced version of the pulley where you don’t need to cut the hanger; still AL7075, but no bearings.

This is really high quality, I ride these for 1 year now and they are rock solid; almost no wear and still rolling perfectly. I also produce rock solid mounts, either DUAL or SINGLE.

This is a natural anodized that I did as a prototype six months ago.

A 16mm version like this would be nice & light for those who dont want to cut hanger ??

…Maybe with a little more meat around the threads . I would buy 2 or 3.

Yeah - you are exactly right. I am actually going to release a 15mm version; basic one part of my SMART series while still providing precision milling and top notch quality that riders have to expect when investing in an electric skateboard build. I will be getting the production version delivered next week.

As a rider, quality; customer service and rock solid parts is key success factor knowing how hard I ride. I tested many mounts also… I bent all of them. That’s why I decided to do it my way.

Happy riding !

Hey I just bought some of those from http://miamicustomboardshop.com, I had some difficulty fitting them because of the size of my benchwheel motor mounts, he was able to cut me some with maximum clearance so I didn’t have to cut my trucks.