Orangatang Kegel 36t Pulley Electric Skateboard Wheel Pulley DIY

This is a slightly used pulley set for the Orangatang Kegel and Caguama wheels. It comes with the wheel pulley, the motor pulley, and the belt to connect them. I got this about 2 weeks ago and was really looking to start using it but I need to pay rent payments. Kept for only two weeks since recent purchase in a smoke free home and adult owned. Please message me with any questions about the item. This item can be shipped out next day and is 100% as advertised in working order. Thanks for looking and god bless! :slight_smile:21%20PM 26%20PM 33%20PM 47%20PM 54%20PM 00%20PM 06%20PM

How much for this?

Needs a price. Thats ze rules

This homeboy need to merge all of his coming from smoke free home “items” into a single post

I need a kegel pulley but the selling price for a used pulley will not be enough to pay rent