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Orangatang kegels

quick quesiton here. does the pulley from the shop work with these? can i just screw the bolts through the hoes? couldn´t find a concrete answer anywhere
thanks for the help!

If you’re thinking of the Enertion pulley, then no, they won’t fit.
They’re made for ABEC Flywheel type wheels.

has pulleys that fit the kegels.
And has a version as well.

is reliable?

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Yes, i’d say they are.
Don’t have any firsthand experience with them, but i havn’t seen many if any negative comments.

okay thanks! wow international shipping is 40 dollars thats hefty! i know that aliendrive sells them but only with the motormount which i already got unfortunatly…

They do have the drive hub and pulley here:

edit: the pulley is sold seperatly i just noticed

i messeged them and they said they are out of stock
they only use the remaining stock for the compete kits with the mount

Ah, that sucks.
Did they say if they got any plans on making more?

they said there will be no new ones

That’s too bad, i was thinking of getting a pair too.
Got a set of orange kegels laying around after i noticed (too late) they didn’t fit the enertion pulley :stuck_out_tongue:

Have to give this a push… Need a wheel pulley for a kegel wheel. Min 12mm width and preferably 36T.

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I might be selling my purple kegels with two pulleys, but they’re 9mm

Thx but i only need one without wheels, and cause it’s only one it should be wider:/

bruno from alienpowersystems is selling them now:

you combine the hub then with a pulley of your choice - 32 or 36T, 9 or 15mm. sadly lots of stuff out of stock right now.

Thx doubt they’re out of stock too:) Do you know the linked pulley, is it 15mm?

You could try this one, but it’s 3d printed and don’t come with screws.

That would be worth a try, but hey don’t ship to EU. And I need this things asap :frowning: