Orangatang wheels on caliber 2 trucks

Hello all, I was looking into the orangatang wheels provided by boosted and its pulley it had an odd cone shape like in the middle where the bearing lies, I was wondering if any one knew if the oragatang wheels with the drive pulley will fit on caliber two trucks

Hello, are you referring to the kegels or the in heats. If you are referring to the kegel wheels most pulleys that bolt on to the wheel will work with caliber 2 trucks but some pulleys require you to modify the caliber truck like boosted does. If you are looking for pulleys that don’t require truck modification I can help you out.

Hello yes! I was refering to the kegel wheel. I notice that evolved sold a drive train that doesnt require modifications but it seems to be made of plastic. Do you know if i can find one made of aluminum or some type of metal?

And yes pleese! Can i find one without modification?

Sure, if you want an all metal one with no modification check out APS but they are expensive around 70 USD. Alternatively, if you want I sell my own 3D printed pulleys that in my opinion are just as good and a lot cheaper, the design has been tested using a 6355 @ 10s and 50amp current limit, I have put about 200km on this design and it held perfectly. I sell them for 10 CAD and the hardware required costs 3 dollars from hobbyking. I live in Canada so shipping is calculated accordingly. APS link-

My pulley link on thingiverse-