Orange 50A Dampa's for Trampa Trucks

Hey guys, after some innovations I have created a better version more squeezable version of dampa’s more suitable for bindingless riding in the streets. I have spent some time formulating several different urethanes solutions to make this soft and still dampening dampa’s

After several people responded with positive experiences I thought I could offer them for other people, spent this weekend making several kits for sale.

I am selling those as myself, not through 3DServisas store :slight_smile:

Price is 25£ with included shipping

P.S. cosmetically they don’t look same as manufacture made original dampa’s but they work just as well as originals. I will attach video of how they squeeze then I will get back home from work.


@Silverline has posted some experiences and could comment more on this. I know that @Eboosted had received them but don’t know if have tried them out yet.

Yeah… I use them both in the front and rear now, and love them… I can still carve a lot, but with stability to prevent speed wobbles at the same time.

Why are they DOUBLE the price of trampa’s own?

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Because they are hand made at home? Not at manufacture plant where everything is automated?


fair enough, just asking.

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I’m going to run my mini Infinitys in inner spring position and grab some orange dampers off you when I pick up the drives for them - for the La Croix build

Offering a full set of 4 X orange for £25 shipping?

Didd you end up mixing? yellow in front,ornage in rear?

Yes 4 dampas for 1£ and 24£ shipping :smiley:

I ended up adding back on bindings and changing front to red and rear to blue ones :smiley:

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This is international shipping, or is that extra?

It’s in the price :slight_smile:

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I might be in London in a few months I’ll swing by and pick them up :joy:

I want to try without bindings it’s the La Croix deck so would be a shame to have bindings, will try yours on the inner spring position, maybe yellow at front and maybe a single foot hooker when @okp comes up with the goods

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Well UberLux cost money too :smiley:

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I’m interested in a set, asking a few friends if they want them too…

How do these compare to the other dampas? For example vs red or blue?

This is complete different category, it’s way softer than yellow so you could ride without bindings and still have carvability and stability until mid speeds

Ok, so better carvability than yellow, but stability equal to…greens?

To yellows kinda it’s more solution for people who ride dampa-less to have same feeling but a bit more stable than riding without dampa’s people who rided with yellow and without them should understand that it misses some stuff :slight_smile:


I have shipped everyone packages who ordered yesterday :wink:

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Hey @Kug3lis do you still have some in stock? How much for 8x shipped to Sweden?

Sent info to PM :wink: